Ideas+Experiments in Contemporary Art

basileIE is a new art space dedicated to showcasing and supporting progressive contemporary art. Located in the Barrio Logan neighborhood of San Diego, the gallery is a partnership between long-time creative collaborators Paul Basile, owner of Basile Studio, and artist/curator C.Martino, owner of CM Curatorial.


Develop a community of outside-the-box thinkers dedicated to pushing the limits of San Diego’s arts culture

Provide a place for undiscovered and under appreciated artists to shine.
Celebrate progressive contemporary art that possesses conceptual rigor, thematic resonance and aesthetic bona fides.

Embrace the surrounding community and our place in it.

Realize the art is more important than the party-peacocking Instagram post.

Commit to pushing the boundaries of “art” beyond what hangs on the wall above the living room couch.

Support ‘outside the box’ artistic expression and experiences beyond the visual and analog.

Emphasize the interplay of form, structure, and materials in coming together to create compelling art.

Drive exposure to dynamic art and the artists who make it beyond the narrow confines of the gallery into other public and private environments.