Paul Basile

About This Artist

In the show “Dictators Rule (Until They Don’t!),” Paul uses his art to bring attention and awareness to guns.

His approach is confrontational. Paul utilizes guns associated with notorious and historical dictatorships, including WWII German Lugers and Soviet-era Russian assault rifles. In an enclosed and controlled environment, visitors are placed directly in front of the guns and are asked to interact with them in various ways. This is not a once-removed book description of a gun. Instead, each interaction is a personal and first-hand experience of what a gun really is and what a gun can really do. Guns are not toys. Guests are encouraged to feel their own discomfort and are left to draw their own conclusions.

Paul’s intention with this artwork is to pull guns off the market so they will never be used again. They are then remade, rendered inert, and reintroduced to the community through artwork. This process transforms guns into something unusable but still powerful.

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